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Gongago: Free Consultation (Normally $250 per consult)

One of the biggest issues small businesses owners face is trying to wear too many hats.

What started as a person with a passion and a dream to do something quickly shifts into a person trying to fulfill all of the necessary roles in their business.

Things like managing cash flow, employees, inventory, AP/AR, customer support, and lets not forget…

...the constant need to bring in new customers to grow the business (a.k.a. Marketing)

Instead of being really good at what they are passionate about and love, they wind up being mediocre at everything because they try to do it all…

Sound familiar?

This was the 90 hour a week trap I fell into when I started my business. I thought that if I worked hard enough and did all of these things, then surely my business would do well?


Not so much.

What my business needed was for me to find other people who were good at doing the things that I wasn’t…

...so that I could focus on doing the things I was good at and what made me start the business in the first place.

And the “big one” that really needs to be hired out but is also super risky...marketing. We’ve all heard the horror stories or perhaps experienced one ourselves.

Someone paying a small fortune for marketing and not getting the results their business so desperately needs, leaving them in a much worse situation than when they began.

Not all marketing agencies are created equal, and not all of them are a good fit for every business.

So how is a business supposed to know if they can trust an agency?

This is not an easy question, but ultimately there are three ways one can determine if an agency is right for a business:

  1. They don't require a 6-12 month contract up front.

Instead, they should offer a 2-3 month time frame so that you can be sure they work well for you before committing long term.

  1. Do they understand your businesses objectives?

Often times agencies seem to have their own agenda with what they think you want and didn't truly listen to what your goals look like.

  1. Proof - and not just testimonials.

The absolute best way to know if you should work with an agency is by actually seeing the results of their campaigns.

You can get access to a 12 min video I literally show exactly what results I get for my clients and I think you'll be surprised by the numbers ;)

If you like the video, you can also apply for a free consultation call to see if we'd be the right fit for one another.

Feel free to watch the video and apply for the call and, if you're serious, we'll talk full details.

Contact Information
848 N Rainbow Blvd #1707, Las Vegas 89107
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