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tCell’s approach to application security starts by protecting the application where it matters most - at runtime. Our runtime application self-protection technology extends from the application server directly into the browser, covering all aspects of your application’s code. By taking the best features of a RASP and a WAF we’ve developed an end-to-end runtime application security solution that gives you more accurate detection and prevention capabilities.

• tCell’s server-side agent monitors all levels of your application giving you insight into the application which makes it possible to separate attack attempts from breaches and understand your app’s attack surface.

• tCell protects your app wherever it may run, including the browser. The browser agent watches HTTP requests, monitors the DOM, and identifies XSS attacks.

• tCell’s cloud analytics aggregate millions of data points across time. Coupled with threat analytics, tCell uses data to uncover breaches, create and enforce policies, and whitelist 3rd party content with our easy Content Security Policy (CSP) management.

tCell makes Application Security easy by immunizing your applications so they can defend themselves!

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470 3rd St, San Francisco 94107
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