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Gongago: Free 5 day VA simulation!

SquareFish is the magic formula for achieving that work-life balance you dream of. It pays to succeed at work, but why not get a life, too, while you’re at it? By delegating the nitty gritty tasks to a VA(virtual assistant), we give you the freedom to make the most out of your time. Why worry on the tiny details – tasks like paying the bills, scheduling meetings, setting appointments, and booking tickets – when you can dedicate your energy on the big picture? As a SquareFish client, you work with your own VA – a highly skilled and trained assistant who will work remotely as your aide de camp. Once you delegate a task, rest assured your VA will make it happen.

With our cost-effective and reliable services, we aid our clients in their projects. We use innovative strategies that help our clients achieve production goals.

At SquareFish, we understand what our clients need to generate online buzz. We value and take advantage of the power of the Internet. This, combined with passion that fuels the imagination, keeps us ahead of the pack. Because we strive to be different, we are able to provide solutions that give businesses the virtual edge.

SquareFish prides itself in connecting the world’s innovators with virtual assistants who can similarly work at superhuman levels. All our VAs are vetted for their skill, resourcefulness, attention to detail, communication, creativity, and problem-solving capabilities. This is why we are confident that we are getting you the best help you can get in the world.

Many may answer the call to apply, but only a few are chosen. We only link you to the cream of the crop VAs.


SquareFish Virtual Assistant.

Contact Information
3773 Howard Hughes Parkway Suite 500S, Las Vegas 89169
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