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Since 2001, the team of industry veterans at Performance Card Service has been helping to create profitable, long-term relationships between merchants and payment processing companies. All our high-risk domestic and offshore merchant account providers offer cutting-edge fraud prevention technologies, aggressive risk management departments and precise underwriting criteria — while maintaining some of the highest approval rates in the industry.

High-Risk Merchant Processing

Often, U.S.-based payment processors will not work with high-risk merchants, and the business is forced to seek other payment methods like eCheck or wire transfer. However, if the success of the business rests on accepting credit card payments, the merchant can choose to move offshore. Performance Card Service works with payment processing companies that offer high-risk domestic merchant accounts as well as eCheck and ACH processing.

Offshore Credit Card Processing

Offshore banks, found in many locations including China and South Africa, often allow a merchant to process cards without a specific incorporation in that jurisdiction. While offshore banks usually approve a higher-risk merchant, they still require the usual KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. Offshore processing solutions often do not limit capacity, so higher-volume companies sometimes find them helpful for fast growth.

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28371 Davis Parkway, 103, Warrenville 60555
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