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Perfect Rubber Mulch has rubber mulch for playgrounds,landscapes,horse footing,sports field infill and ballistic firing range rubber. We also make rubber curbs and rubber pavers for garages,barns and many other uses. Recycled tire mulch has many advantages over traditional wood mulch, which has to be replaced every year. Good for the environment, affordable, durable and attractive, it works in a wide range of applications, from playgrounds to landscaping. Choose the more affordable, longer lasting and easier-to-maintain solution. Our product is made from 100% recycled tires. How often is the responsible choice also the most cost-effective?

We’re a family owned business with “old school” ideals of treating the customer right.

Perfect Rubber Mulch began servicing its customers in 2006. Whether this is your first order, or one of many, your buying experience is our #1 priority!

Our corporate mission statement includes one single concept…focusing on you, the customer. Find out for yourself by reading our customer testimonials.

Finally, it’s all about purchasing power. Perfect Rubber Mulch is an industry leader in the procurement of products. Simply put...we secure massive quantities of 100% recycled rubber mulch every year and pass on our preferred savings to you. In fact many of the factories we represent rely on us as their #1 source of distribution…leading to factory direct pricing.

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17 East Monroe St, Chicago 60603
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