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Lendr is revolutionizing the way businesses acquire capital.

Many working capital financing companies say they support the financial needs of small business owners — but their financing terms, fees and funding processes don’t necessarily benefit the client’s business as much as it does their own. At Lendr, we’re committed to helping small businesses find access to the financing they need with a simple, transparent solution. Unlike many financing companies, we are 100% focused on helping you succeed. The funds you attain from Lendr aren’t a traditional loan, and don’t require that you make fixed monthly payments. The working capital you access from Lendr is based on your future sales; repayment happens electronically as you make sales.

In an economy where it's almost impossible for small businesses to get traditional loans, Lendr offers fast cash advances to help businesses grow. We look at your full story and the health of your business so we can create the right customized solution for you. We provide businesses with the working capital necessary to continue daily operations.

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153 W. Ohio, Chicago 60654
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