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Ghost Productions is your one-stop shop for advanced medical and science animations. Our team of talented animators, artists and other experienced professionals can help you improve your medical device marketing efforts with customized medical videos. We’re the experts at crafting medical and scientific animations that bring challenging information to life. We’ll help you explain medical products, demonstrate surgical technologies, devise medical simulations and more. Simple medial illustrations have been crucial to the advancement of medical inquiry, education and training since the time of Hippocrates. Today’s advanced medical science can now take full advantage of cutting-edge 3D medical animation technology to bring concepts, products and procedures to life as never before.

Ghost Productions can produce 3D medical animations that illuminate your devices, procedures, techniques and more, to better achieve your marketing and/or training goals. As videos and other scientific animations increasingly populate social media feeds, it’s becoming more important than ever to remain relevant by investing in quality medical/science visualizations. Modern medicine is a crowning achievement of civilization, adding immeasurably to the quality of our lives; and nothing explains intricate medical concepts better than the dynamic media produced by Ghost Productions. Ghost Productions is a 3D medical animation studio that delivers medically accurate, inspiring graphics, animations and interactive eLearning content.

Ranked among the top medical animation studios, Ghost Productions crafts superb 3D medical videos that help explain surgical techniques, implants and medical products. Our 3D medical procedure videos can convey your message quicker and more clearly than traditional surgical videos. Let us help you harness the power of 3D motion graphics to convey your important information rapidly and memorably.

Contact us today and we’ll partner with you to help you achieve your medical marketing and training goals. We’re passionate about medicine and dedicated to producing media that helps demystify medicine. With Ghost Productions on your team, you can be sure your story will be conveyed in a highly comprehensible, eye-catching manner.

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2719 Stillwater Rd, Maplewood 55119
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