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Destiny Marketing Solutions vision is to create opportunities for small and medium sized businesses to utilize the full power of the Internet to grow their revenues and reach their destinies. We started our digital marketing agency to do just that. You want to keep your business competitive, and these days that means building and maintaining your web presence online. And excelling with your web presence is not easy.

Google’s algorithms change constantly, and you as a business owner must adapt to these changes. If you don’t, then you risk becoming invisible to potential customers searching for businesses such as yours online. You’re busy running your business. Just think how challenging it would be to run you business and stay on top of the changes in digital marketing. This is where a great digital marketing company like ours can help. You need a top digital marketing agency that can help guide your business in a profitable direction online.

You Need Digital Marketing Strategies that Make a Difference

We want to gain and keep you business successful with digital marketing strategies that will make an impact to your bottom line. We will not make extravagant promises to you or do anything questionable or unethical because upholding your business’s reputation is our priority. If you have ever worked with a digital marketing company that failed to deliver on its promises and “guarantees”, we are sure you will appreciate the difference with working with us.

These are some of the reasons why customers have chosen us to address their digital marketing needs:

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are focused on our goals to help your business get results. Whether this is more qualified traffic to your website or more interactions on your social media pages, if you don’t get results from working with us, we don’t sleep soundly at night. As a small business, we understand the importance of flexibility month to month in choosing where your marketing budget goes. Therefore, we have no desire to trap you into any binding contracts. Knowing that your business is not guaranteed month to month keeps us on our toes in ensuring that you get results!

We don’t Work with your Competition

Once you are a customer, we guarantee that we will not bring on any new customers that you compete with in the same market. You can be confident that only your business will be getting our secret digital marketing sauce!

Point blank: There is only room for one juggernaut at the top of your search results. Your business!

We are not a Volume Company

We keep our pool of clients limited. This allows us to give you, your business, and campaign the attention it needs to succeed.

Effective Digital Marketing is a Comprehensive Effort

We truly believe that a successful digital marketing strategy includes all of these areas:

  • Effective web design that is user friendly
  • Strong SEO strategy
  • Consistent and engaging social media presence
  • Strategic balance of organic (SEO) and paid advertising

What does this look like for you? If you are signed up for one of our programs, but we see that you may have opportunities to reach your goals with other services, we add those services to your mix. Looking for business card designs? We can take care of that. Looking for a mention in your local newspaper or a press release that highlights your new business, service, or product? We got you covered there, too. Experimenting and thinking outside of the box is a big part of evolving your online marketing strategy. Our digital marketing agency will definitely take that experimental approach with your campaign!

We Thrive on Data

Simply put, if we are trying out a strategy and the data doesn’t show that it’s working, we forget our ego and scrap that strategy for something that will work. Leveraging data points from sources such as site analytics, heat maps, and search traffic trends also help us uncover hidden opportunities.

Our Suggestion? Take the next risk-free step and sign up for our free web presence video consultation (a $497 value). In the video, we will go into detail about what you are doing right, what could be improved, and opportunities to act on to build your local web presence.

We are happy to jump on a video call so you can see us face to face! After reading all of this, we hope you understand that digital marketing is our passion and we want to use our passion to help your business win. But, we also want to make sure that you are a good fit for what our digital marketing agency offers.

Ready to take the next step with you business and partner with a top digital marketing agency? Sign up for your free video web presence analysis now! consultation today!

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Phone: 713-857-8403
777 South Mayde Creek Dr, Houston 77079
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