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Welcome to Daybreak! We write your sub plans so you don't have to!

As veteran teachers, we were very tired of spending hours writing plans for our substitutes that met our standards.

We went to work sick because it took too much time and effort to write the quality sub plans we typically left in our absence. Or, we drove to work sick, wrote our plans, made the copies of worksheets needed and went back home to fall into bed. Life happens; sometimes our children would get sick or there was a family emergency, leaving us no choice but to depend on our colleagues to help out with plans and copies. Any of this sound familiar?

We decided we had to come up with a solution to this problem that most teachers face. Our goal was to create a website where teachers would be able to easily download scripted sub plans (written by teachers!) that follow the current standard they are teaching.

With that vision in mind, Daybreak Lesson Plans was born. Teachers can now rest assured that leaving a sub with our plans (instead of easy worksheets) will help ensure that their students aren’t going to miss out on a day of quality instruction.

Teachers are used to taking care of everyone around them; students and family included. Now we want to take care of teachers and offer them quality lesson plans when they need them, and the gift of time to spend taking care of themselves, their family, and their students.

We offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

  • 1 Hour ELA or Math Lessons
  • Half Day ELA or Math Lessons
  • Combine 2 Half Day Lessons to create a full day of plans
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