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Clovitek is the world's smartest WiFi HD audio transmitter.

Your phone is your source for all of your audio needs. Using CloviFi, you can link any device to your smartphone via W-Fi or Bluetooth. Connect CloviFi to your TV, your stereo, or your computer. Then cast the audio to your iOS or Android phone using our app. Hear crystal clear sounds from any device within range. Plug into your iOS or Android device and put on your headphones and it’s like you’re all alone. Multiple users can connect, each controlling their own volume.

CloviFi is a small, rounded black box with a modern sleek design. It offers you multiple ways to connect to your audio sources through various inputs. Attach the CloviFi box to your TV or place it behind the TV on the same shelf/platform. Use headphones for privacy. Move around with the sound. Perfect for the hard of hearing.

  • Cut the cord between your audio device, like a television or stereo system
  • Listen to your shows as loudly as you need them - without disturbing anybody
  • Let kids play educational and fun games - in silence without disturbance
  • Ignore all the chaos in your own wireless soundscape for study or meditation
  • Hear more clearly without background distractions or hearing aids
  • Ideal for businesses - gyms, bars, airports, churches...

If you have mild-to-moderate hearing loss you generally do not need hearing aids, there are devices called personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) to help you hear more clearly in certain situations. The CloviFi device acts as an Assisted Listening Device and can be used without an FDA-approved hearing amplifier system. You can stream audio over WiFi to your personal headphones.

Whether you have a bar/restaurant or a busy office, it can be a great thing to be able to hear the television. With a single CloviFi device you can let your patrons connect to the television audio simply and instantly. In the office, you can hear the stock news or the online meeting easily from anywhere in Wi-Fi range.

Stream audio over wifi from your TV to any headphones with the CloviFi wi-fi wireless audio transmitter. Better than bluetooth audio transmitter and receiver!

Visit our website to learn more and order yours today!

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