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We employ the formerly incarcerated, offer them training and pay for educational resources for them in addition to providing them free healthcare services. We have a Pediatric Clinic for those who have families with children. So, this is all for the sake of giving hope and opportunities to those most in need and most at risk in the community. We would be remiss if we did not have similar activity going on here.

Everyone uses soap and we are at the capacity to produce 3500 bars of soap a day to meet the needs of our community partners. This is our Hypoallergenic, Cotton Cloud, Lemon Grass and Vanilla Lavender. When customers purchase our soap not only will they be gaining a superior product, they are also contributing to the development of our community, they are helping us to remove social barriers to employment and education for the formerly incarcerated, they are helping us to increase our capacity to employ even more folks with these social barriers. So, if secure a contract with us to purchase clean 360 soap this is what you will add to your commnunity investment.
We offer wholesale deals to small businesses and non-profits buying in bulk.
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Phone: 323-389-8664
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