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Gongago: Free (a $27.00 value) easy to read money-making Report! (please mention this ad)
Gongago: Free initial phone consultation! (please mention this ad) and your free money making report too!


"What if you invested in a PR/Publicity or Marketing Specialist who helped you create additional profits beyond his fees...his cost to you is now “zero," now how much more money could your business make?"

Hello, I'm Bruce Brown owner of Brown Marketing Consulting & PR firm. If You Already Have A Business & Want It To Be More Successful...

Or You Are Starting  a New Business...Just Keep Reading.... I have run my own businesses for over 25 years. I have some terrific marketing  and public relations successes. But I have made some really dumb mistakes (when we talk ask me about how I turned down Dick Clark Productions when they wanted to buy a Reality TV show I had created...oops)! My clients get ALL of my experience to help them make more money and prevent mistakes like mine...

Whether you are a sole entrepreneur or have business with 500 or more employees, there are little secrets often Free or inexpensive to use that can propel you into the next level.You probably know your business inside and out but what about a little help? How about your advertising, building keeping and utilizing a customer list, getting Free publicity, bringing in new business, setting up or improving your website, selling slow moving merchandise, dealing with personnel, theft, and even having Fun with your business?

I can help you with all of this and so much more! Explore my website and see how you can get help to make some of your stress and worry "simply go away." So you can do what you like and do best, run your business in a more relaxed successful way. While you are there, be sure to grab your Free (a $27.00 value) easy to read money-making report, "75 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses", no obligations! So what do you have to lose?

Call today for your FREE initial phone consultation! I guarantee you come away with some great ideas and helpful tips. Just mention this ad.

"Business has only two functions:

marketing/pr and innovation."
-Peter Drucker

(323) 873-8483 • Bruce Brown

P.S. How would you like to write and publish a book (or get it written for you) that would position you as an "Expert In Your Field?" Leading to more attention, more customers/clients...more business...and more profits? I have four published books and I can walk you though it...or do it all for you. Would you like to talk about that idea?-B.

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