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BEZALEL is a California-based wireless technology company known for designing and manufacturing cutting-edge wireless charging solutions for various mobile devices. Our product lineup includes the magnetic Latitude wireless charging case, the Futura X wireless charging pad, the Omnia in-car wireless charger, and last but not least, the Prelude—the world’s first wireless charging power bank. Together, they make up an efficient and ever-growing wireless ecosystem suited for any busy lifestyle. We are passionate about creating an ecosystem of the highest quality wireless charging experience. By spearheading innovations of practical applications in the industry, BEZALEL's wireless charging brings freedom and flexibility into the everyday lives of people all throughout the world. But don't just take our word for it:

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Advanced Technology

In an era of technological marvels, BEZALEL’s technology stands side-by-side to deliver the power source. To start, BEZALEL provides exceptional wireless charging technology for handheld devices so that people can freely go about their everyday lives.

Simplicity of Design

The beauty of BEZALEL’s design can be seen in the artistry of its products. Graceful lines, absent of weightiness, well executed. These are the marks of what makes our products uniquely BEZALEL

Seamless User Experience

BEZALEL expands the gift of mobility so that people can have ease in their everyday power-charging needs. We value the experience each has, count each fluid movement something to treasure, and an opportunity for greater breakthroughs.

A wire-free life

Our consumption of and reliance on power is ever increasing. Without reliable power to resolve daily charging problems, our freedom is stunted, convenience thwarted, and joy dampened.

BEZALEL believes in the vision of a wire-free life where people can actually feel the freedom, convenience, and joy from going wireless. To make such dream a reality, we provide the best quality wireless charging products and the top wireless charging ecosystem. BEZALEL values most the advancement of wireless charging technology, simplicity of design, and seamless user experience. And to put top value on these factors is to carry out the vision of freedom, convenience, and joy in people’s lives by means of a truly unique, wireless charging ecosystem.

Wireless Power.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Contact Information
12575 Beatrice St, Los Angeles 90066
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